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eBooks Publishing

Just over a month into the query letter battle, and I’ve successfully been rejected from half of the agents so far. (How’s that for a positive spin?) What’s been most amazing so far haven’t been the rejections, but the speed of the rejections. Most advice, even from the agents themselves, states that a response shouldn’t be expected in less than 6 week’s time. Twice now, I have had responses within 24 hours, and one of those was within 45 minutes! Say what you will of the outcome, but you can’t complain about the service with some of these.

I’ve recently come across Smashwords, an indie eBooks publisher. To address the immediate question: No. I am not considering independent self-publishing for Root of the First at this stage. It’s been way too short of a submission process to “give up” now and go it alone. Instead, I am eyeing Smashwords for a different reason. Instead of publishing the novel through Smashwords, I plan to publish a series of short stories set in the same world as eBooks. Here’s a preview of the first two:

Shade and Shadow

Mada y’Rin has nearly died seven times in just the last two years. When Duloy does his job well, the boy remains blissfully unaware of how hard it is to keep him alive, and of the debt of guilt the old priest must pay before leaving the child to Adura’s Will.

Mercy Killing the Dragon

The people of Ranamaha’i did it to prove that they were the masters of their fate, not some elusive fae. But when Maharta, an urchin and a mute, discovers he cannot put the wings back on a fly, he learns that mastery is not found in destroying.

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