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Towers of Midnight predictions

Over at the blog,  Leigh Butler posted a bunch of “feedback” tidbits while reading, sort of a liveblogging without the live part, and left us to guess just what each refers to.

  1. “I totally cannot decide whether to be pleased about this, or kind of freaked out.”
  2. “Okay, that may or may not have been quite a Crowning Moment of Awesome for _____, exactly, but that is unquestionably one of the coolest things that has ever happened in this series. All is forgiven, man.”
  3. “Is it possible to have a complete seal-clapping moment of YAY, and shriek in utter fannish outrage at the same time? Because I have a feeling I’m about to find out.”
  4. “This is suddenly seeming veeery familiar…”
  5. “Well, finally, I have only been asking for this for like fifteen years. This is awesome. This is—wait. Uh, what’s going on… what are they… what does that… oh crap.”
  6. “Man, it’s like a Barry White song up in here, except hilarious.”
  7. “Wow, and just when I thought it wasn’t possible to despise you more. Nice job RUINING EVERYTHING, ____. Gah.”
  8. “Oh. Er. So, I totally called that wrong. Am a bit red-faced now.”
  9. “Okay, so maybe – maybe – you have redeemed yourself a little bit here, ____. You are provisionally allowed off my shit list. FOR NOW.”
  10. “I think this is what they mean when they use the term ‘logical extreme’. About time, really.”
  11. “WHAT? That is… that is horrible. No, no, no, no. THAT HAD BETTER NOT HAPPEN, TEAM JORDAN, DO NOT MAKE ME HURT YOU. I need a cookie now. And a hug. I HATE YOU ALL. (But, uh, man. Good writing, right there. I never would have seen that coming in a million years. P.S. I STILL HATE YOU.)”
  12. “Well. I was kind of thinking that was going to be a bit more… dramatic. Or at least have a lot more yelling. But, you know. Okay then.”
  13. “Holy hell, _____ just had a Moment of Awesome. Of all freakin’ people! I didn’t even think that was possible.”
  14. “Oh for the love of Pete, _____, will you please DIE already? What’s it going to take, a nuclear goddamn strike? Sheesh.”
  15. “Wait, what the hell just happened? I am so confused. And also, what?”

So, here are my guesses:

  1. Demandred swears a blue streak because Rand inadvertently undercut his authority.
  2. Not-quite-crowning-moment-of-awesome for Elayne when she uses the OP to give herself a C-section to deliver the twins.
  3. Leigh wonders whether Moiraine will actually survive the escape from the ToG.
  4. Mat mouths off to the Finns, and nearly gets himself roped again.
  5. Moiraine rescued from the Finns (Her incident with the Red Stone Doorway was about 15 years ago now, so it fits) but the BA or Seanchan show up and throws an a’dam on her.
  6. Mat and Fortuona, on the back of a raken, with her Voice there to witness for protection.
  7. Supreme Ponce of Randland, Perrin. Gotta be. I’ll say he shows up and attacks the Band while Mat and Tuon are having “relations.” (Possible alternative: Cadsuane gets uppity yet again)
  8. Turns out he wasn’t attacking, he was protecting them from trollocs.
  9. Continuation of the previous. (Possible alternative: Cadsuane gives a heartfelt, meaningful apology)
  10. Cadsuane’s pride finally bites her in the ass and she gets put in her place by Min.
  11. Min dies. (Or Thom dies.)
  12. Rand and Egwene chat over tea and balefire.
  13. Berlaine
  14. Padan Fain goes down all Rasputin-style. Ten separate fatal wounds before he finally hits dirt. Or Lanfear v Moiraine rematch.
  15. Moridin and Rand trade places through T’A’R after Moridin gives Rand a combination of the Morpheus speech and the “We’re not so different, you and I,” speech. (Alternative: Perrin v Slayer in the Wolf Dream, and the fight spills out into the real world with both of them still wolves)
  16. Taim is Demandred.

We’ll find out how well I did in November. 🙂

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