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NaNoWriMo Update

At the half-way mark by the calendar, I’m just a little shy of the half-way mark in word count. I fell behind early due to some travel stuff, but I’m hoping to catch up the last week of the month when I go home for Thanksgiving. While the holiday means Thanksgiving Day is pretty much out, the entire rest of that weekend is going to be staring at the walls and catching up on Boardwalk Empire. So, plenty of time to write.

I know I promised character profiles, and they are coming, finally. I had contacted an artist a month ago to do some sketches to accompany them, since I really have a hard time finding profiles compelling without a reference image, and I am a student of the “If I like it, I assume someone out there likes it” school of thought, so I figure it’s worth the wait. When I do things, I like to do them right.

The original artist dropped the project to work on hosting an art festival, so. . . valid excuse. Can’t really fault them for not finding the time. But I have a new one working on it as of yesterday, so they will be coming soon.

They’re also working on a sketch of the ship, so hopefully I can replace the Blackjack in the background of my site with my own creation.

As for the novel itself, I’m about to cross the 20000 mark at the end of act 1, so I’m thinking I won’t finish it during NaNo even if I hit the 50000 by Nov 30th. Now that I’ve got the rhythm and the pace, I’m guessing we’re going to come in at right around 65000, give or take 10k in edits later, which is right where I want to be for Young Adult.

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