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My 16 year monopoly has come to an end

Google alerts just tipped me off to the existence of another PsychicToaster:


Apparently it’s a user over at Gaia Online. Yes that Gaia Online.

It’s a little strange. I doubt many Internet users have had the experience of having a 5 year unchallenged domination of a screen name, let alone a 16 year run. In fact, most Internet users haven’t been online for more than a decade yet anyway. I fell into that trailing cluster of late AOL and Compuserv/pre-dynamic web pages users. Just before the Eternal September and Web 2.0.

Until now, the only other Psychic Toaster I’ve been aware of was a kitchy magic trick involving an actual “psychic” toaster. Otherwise, it’s been confined to people commenting on the screen name that they’d find a psychic toaster to be a very useful appliance. While not actually a reply to me, this pretty typical response made Google’s first page:

Oooh, shiny.

I’d like a psychic toaster that can manage to get my bread between too white and too brown.

Some other Psychic Toaster spotting gems include:

This artwork by DeviantArt user Upholstered Dave

by Upholstered Dave

This strange product sighting by Flickr user mjd-s

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