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The WI situation in 30 seconds

As I explained on Facebook to a friend:

Fed Gov: We have some money left in the stimulus. Want it?

Doyle: New high speed rail? Reopening Amtrak routes to Madison and the Fox Cities? Thousands of private sector jobs spurred by contracts? Sure!

Wisconsin: Down with socialism!

Doyle: Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you’re cool, fuck you. I’m out.

Walker: Did someone say down with socialism? We don’t need the federal government’s “handouts,” so they can take their DoT funding and shove it. While we’re at it, I hear the state employs a lot of people. That’s socialism too, right? So raise your hand if your pay has been frozen for at least 3 years. Yeah, we’re taking your benefits since you should be able to get by without handouts, and we’re giving it away as a tax break but not to people in your tax bracket. Oh, and we’re busting your unions too because we don’t want to hear any whining from you lazy freeloaders.

Wisconsin: Wait, what?

Since Walker’s policy is the source of this budget shortfall, the burden of proof is on him to explain why it is necessary to redistribute wealth upwards to those who do not need more of it. The workers whose benefits are being cut have no need to justify their outrage. They earned every bit of what is being taken away from them. If Walker wants to claim it is some public good, he needs to make a damn convincing case for it.

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5 thoughts on “The WI situation in 30 seconds

  1. I love you.

    Also, “On Wisconsin!”

  2. Well, I stumbled across your blog because you linked my page in, well, your blog. Wish I had seen it sooner. My MMORPG concept is sort of an on-again off-again sort of project that sort of fills my time when I’m looking to focus my ADD style interests at it. Anyway, thanks for exposure and great blog! Oh and please forgive the bad grammar and spelling >_<

    • Very cool! I have been playing MMOs since before they were called MMOs, and I have watched the spigot-and-drain mechanic fail time and again, so it was exciting to see a novel idea for breaking that inevitable cycle.

      • Yea, i’m back working on it again. I’m not a writer by trade so I find it difficult to turn ideas in my head into words. It takes several drafts before I’m reasonably happy, and I usually go back and read it again and make changes.

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