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Why I Can’t Explain How Dysphoria Feels

It’s like tasting water. Water isn’t supposed to have a flavor. When there’s no flavor, there’s nothing to notice. But when you taste something, you know something’s wrong and it brings it to your attention.

So you say, “The water in my cup tastes funny.” And everyone else replies, “Mine doesn’t.” “I don’t taste anything.” So you try to explain, and they ask what it tastes like. But you’ve never tasted anything like it before, and they haven’t tasted anything like it ever. Finally, they conclude, “It must all be in your head.”

But it’s not your imagination, because as soon as you dump out that glass and refill it, voila: no more strange flavor.

But from that point on, people look at you like you’re selfish because your first glass “wasn’t good enough” or they assume you’re crazy and wasting water on something you can’t prove to their satisfaction. When all you wanted was the same bland, flavorless water as everyone else.


Originally posted at my old blog 5/8/2011, reposted here 9/10/2013

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