Oh. Well, then Q shows up and she thinks he's cooler. He IS omnipotent after all. \n\nYou sulk in your ready room. You let the biggest dick in the universe steal the coolest woman you've ever met. They're probably having a blast, having all kinds of jamaharon and other things only the Q continuum can think up.\n\nYou cry into your Shakespeare for a bit, then you realize Vash and Q SO deserve each other.
A Chaos Twine Jam Game
Barclay is here, playing out some goofy fantasy involving all the women on the ship.\n\n[[Kick him out.]]
Yup. Professor Moriarty takes over the Enterprise.\n\n[[Trick him into thinking he's able to leave the holodeck but trap him inside a simulation.|simulation]]
That makes no sense. Why would they need a currency?\n\n[[You tell me.]]
Yes, really. There's a [[replicator]] right over there. It can make you anything you want. And we also have a [[holodeck]] that can immerse you in any environment you desire.\n\n[[Then what's all this gold-pressed latinum for?|latinum]]
You do.\n\nYou play out a bad-ass adventure on the holodeck with an opponent that can defeat Data.\n\n[[Uh oh.]]
You stud.\n\nYou got the Riker With A Beard ending!\n\n<html><img src="http://i.imgur.com/1XjXF.jpg" /></html>
Computer: Please describe the desired object.\n\n[[Ok.]]
Vash shows up. She's pretty cool. She wants to have [[jamaharon]] with you.\n\n[[I'm not really into that.]]
Star Trek Shopping Simulator
Um. It's the future. You can have anything you want.\n\n[[Really?]]
What?\n\n[[Gold pressed latinum. The currency that the Ferrengi use.|currency]]
Oversight on the part of the writers? I dunno. Has it ever been reconned?\n\n[[I don't care. I want to go shopping!|shopping 2]]
Space. [[The final frontier.]]
You sit in your ready room enjoying a cup of hot Earl Grey tea.\n\nYou are in command of the most powerful ship in the Federation.
Wait, what?\n\n[[I want to go shopping!|shopping]]
Phew. Close call.
These are the voyages of the starship—\n\n[[BORING!]]
You beam down to Risa. \n\n[[Buy a Horga'hn|Vash]]
Lydia Neon
<<set $tea = prompt('What do you ask for?')>><<if $tea eq "Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.">>[[Good choice, Captain]]<<else>>Did you mean "Tea. Earl Grey. Hot."? I think you did.\n\n<<display "replicator">><<endif>>