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Screen Name Blasphemy follow-up

So, after a bit more Google searching of PsychicToaster, I have actually found several instances of others using my screen name. (Gasp!)

There’s at least one other blogger, and someone snagged the Steam ID on the new “custom URL” feature. The most bizarre one was the League of Legends post I came across since it actually sounds like something I might write if I were in the same position. It even kinda reads like my forum postings.

Eventually, I even came across someone using FileFront all the way back in 2001 that sullied my name with posts featuring some atrocious spelling (“betta” instead of “better”, “pole” instead of “poll”, no capitalization, no punctuation, euch!). I know it was 10 years ago, but I have never bought into the notion that typing on the Internet excuses poor grammar. That, and I didn’t even know about FileFront until at least 2006-ish when we were using it to distribute build files for a mod.

Amazingly, In my searching I found something extremely useful. I had “favorited” a slide show I had seen on SlideShare a while back. I had been searching for that slide show for at least the last year, but all I had been able to find was a similar one from a conference lecture. This one had a particular driving theme to it that really resonated with me as a designer and when I tried to reinvent the concept from what I remembered, I found I couldn’t quite capture the nuance that made their proposed model functional.

For the curious, here it is:

My 16 year monopoly has come to an end

Google alerts just tipped me off to the existence of another PsychicToaster:


Apparently it’s a user over at Gaia Online. Yes that Gaia Online.

It’s a little strange. I doubt many Internet users have had the experience of having a 5 year unchallenged domination of a screen name, let alone a 16 year run. In fact, most Internet users haven’t been online for more than a decade yet anyway. I fell into that trailing cluster of late AOL and Compuserv/pre-dynamic web pages users. Just before the Eternal September and Web 2.0.

Until now, the only other Psychic Toaster I’ve been aware of was a kitchy magic trick involving an actual “psychic” toaster. Otherwise, it’s been confined to people commenting on the screen name that they’d find a psychic toaster to be a very useful appliance. While not actually a reply to me, this pretty typical response made Google’s first page:

Oooh, shiny.

I’d like a psychic toaster that can manage to get my bread between too white and too brown.

Some other Psychic Toaster spotting gems include:

This artwork by DeviantArt user Upholstered Dave

by Upholstered Dave

This strange product sighting by Flickr user mjd-s

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