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Happy Birthday To Me

28 years ago today, I decided I’d call Earth home for a while. Not to get maudlin, but it’s a frustrating reminder that there are people who have built decade-long careers and people who have burned out by now. And I’m still getting started.

Writing’s a different animal, and we can’t all be the children of trust fund PR and Marketing agents who can catapult their kids to marginally-deserved fame by borrowing the ideas of others and putting dragons in it. And at 28 I’m still well, well ahead of the career curve.

Looking back:

– I finished Calc 2. It was the most challenging class I have ever taken. If you rolled up the next three most difficult classes I have ever taken (I’ll even let you count all three times I took Calc 1 as one class), it’s still harder. And I loved every fucking minute of it. There was so much nerd squee in that class I actually got annoyed that I had to do the homework. I could just sit and listen to the lecture for weeks. Dr. Maltenfort has a gift for teaching, and Calc 2 tackles some really cool problems. Calc 2 was like Chem 2. It’s where the final piece of the puzzle fell into place and it all made sense (even if I got the answers wrong, I was finally asking the right questions). I finally understand what Lori found so fascinating about really cool mathematical proofs. They’re like the universe’s poetry.

– I finished a 600 page novel. That’s further than 95%* of people who take a shot at writing a novel. Even if it isn’t good, it’s done.

– Bands I was turned on to this year by some awesome friends: The Birthday Massacre, The Protomen, The Polysics

– I built some kick ass scripted systems for Legacy: The Dark Ages, including a player reputation system, replacing D&D slots with Spell Points, and a customized spell teaching and learning system that doesn’t use scrolls.

– I have become a shameless fan of Shojo Kakumei: Utena

– I beat System Shock 2. Seriously. Why did I wait this long to play this game?

– I <3 Steph.

Tonight, drunken debauchery!

*I’m making this up, but I’m sure the real statistic is actually higher.

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