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Two New Short Stories Available Now!

Two new short stories are available as eBooks now at Smashwords!

Mercy Killing the Dragon

Cover art by Stephanie Stanga

The dragons held no sway over a people as great as the Rana. To prove it, they nailed a dragon to the walls of the city and left it to bleed, undying, for a decade. But no greatness trickled down to the children who lived in the shadow of the east gate, only the dragon’s blood. When Maharta learns what true suffering is, he sets out to end the dragon’s misery and atone for his people.

The Last Warband

Cover art by Stephanie Stanga

Far to the north of Delmyria, a loose coalition of clans and tribes known as the Kingdom of Korbuch is building an army. Each tribe sends their greatest warriors to join the Last Warband.

Mokat was given the greatest honor his tribe could bestow: he was chosen as their clan’s champion. But he resented being sent away from the war he knew while his enemies still stood. It felt too much like fleeing. And his axe had not drunk enough glory to flee so soon.

Both of them are set to “Pay what you want”. If you like what you read, please leave what you feel it is worth.


Site Changes

One thing I would like to do is build a community around the Delmyria setting. I’d like fans to be able to do more than just read and comment. Disclaimer: Nothing I say here should be construed as giving license or ceding control or ownership. But I’d like to set up a license structure (not necessarily Creative Commons but definitely inspired by the openness) that allows fans to build on what I create.

I’m experimenting with BuddyPress plugin that adds many social networking functions to a blog. I’m not satisfied with the forum features it includes, however. I prefer any number of other purpose-built forum software packages to this. It reminds me too much of the Facebook discussion boards which are woefully lacking in both user and moderator control.

I also plan to have a wiki. I had one hosted here once before, but it was for personal use and removed.

In terms of actual news, “Mercy Killing the Dragon” has been revised and is now being submitted. I’ve added a yet untitled short story to the list. The new one focuses on a Kroh’chuk warrior and their traditions.

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