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Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention : March 4th – 6th

I missed Steamcon this year, but there may still be hope for this one:

Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention

Right now, the guest list seems pretty heavily stacked on the music side. It’s a little light on authors at the moment which surprises me, considering how much the genre has grown lately. I’d be interested in seeing a more robust panel of writers. Or some more esoteric guests, like art directors from film and video games (Sherlock Holmes, Bioshock, Arcanum all come to mind there). Considering all the press Gail Carriger has been receiving in the steampunk community lately for Soulless, I’m surprised the Parasol Protectorate won’t be making an “official” appearance.

The League of Steam will be doing a live performance. Yes, that’s right, the Steampunk Ghostbusters.

I hadn’t heard of Nickel Children until the screening showed up on the guest list, but this is one film I’d like to see:

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