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15 January

Reset: A game by Lydia Neon

Screenshot of Reset by Lydia Neon

Play Reset

Reset is a game about the bizarre, frightening, and exciting possibilities for kink in the cyborg / transhuman future.

Who can you trust with your source code if you can’t trust your Administratrix?

Reset was created with Twine as part of the Big Chaos Twine Jam.


Play Reset Here




11 Responses to “Reset: A game by Lydia Neon”

  1. Gillian says:

    Wow, that was incredible.

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  4. mikewesthad says:

    I liked color of the vocabulary – the dualist take on body modification. There feels like there would be a truth to that divorced feeling from your body if – at an age of 7 – you started swapping out the factory default squishy organic bits with some hard metal bits. Fantastic. A dive into human neuroses magnified by technology.

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  6. Rachel Kate says:

    That was absolutely fascinating! I adored it, thank you. ♥

  7. Cameron Kelly says:

    Are you familiar with Spec Ops: The Line? I ask because I want you to understand the true height of the praise I’m giving when I say that this game did to me what that game couldn’t: it made me say “I refuse to continue to participate in this”- at the time of the first reset, where it became clear enough to me what had happened- and walk the hell away.

    Then again, it took Spec Ops to make me realize that was even an option; so perhaps if I’d played the two games in the reverse order I’d be leaving this comment elsewhere. Either way: brilliant and chilling. If you don’t mind, I’m going to try to work this into an essay for a course on cyberpunk literature this semester.

    • Life In Neon says:

      I’m flattered in many ways by this comment. You absolutely may. 🙂 Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed it.

      I suppose what I might say is that should you ever want to try again, you may wish to write down how you feel about it now so you have it preserved, uncorrupted by what lies beyond the first reset.

      • Cameron Kelly says:

        So I didn’t end up using this in my cyberpunk essay last semester (I wrote one instead on why mecha anime can be considered cyberpunk literature), but that was in the knowledge that this semester I’d be taking a course called “Gender, Bodies and the Posthuman”, which is an altogether more fitting context to discuss Reset in a way that’ll do it justice. (I might also draw in this game, which struck me as a lot like Reset, but minus the kink and with a healthy dose of Neon Genesis Evangelion.) I’m excited 😀

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